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Johnny Ferreira music

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Rock & Roll Saxophonist                     King of the Mood Swings                    Sax On The Beach

Johnny Ferreira music Collection

There are 4 solo recordings in the Johnny Ferreira music catalogue. The one on the left here is "Crazy 'Bout a Saxophone" which is not available now but will be re-issued soon.

They are all slightly different but share some similarities, obviously; my sax, my songs etc.

King of the Mood Swings has more of a big band swing influence cause I was listening to a lot of Buddy Johnson, Count Basie, and Louis Prima. Lotsa fun, funny lyrics, some yelling, and a big punchy horn section.

Sax on the Beach was launched with a song of mine called Mexico which is more on the rock side with a big dance beat. We tried to keep the rest of the songs in that groove. These songs were co-written by my friend and very talented songwriter Anet Ducharme.

Rock & Roll Saxophonist is the one I feel closest represents me these days. There are songs that will satisfy your rock & roll heart, and some that will make you... Swing That Thing!

– JF

Full CD or single tracks at iTunes

Below are a few really good compilations of the early rock & roll sax players. I'm recommending these because they feature so many different artists and will give you a good introduction to them.
And now...

Here's a must have list for all rock & roll sax fans:

If you could only get one, the biggest compilation of them all...

The Big Horn - 4 CD box set

Huge collection of the early guys like;

Wild Bill Moore
Illinois Jaquet
Arnet Cobb
Red Prysock
Sam "the man" Taylor
Big Jay McNeely
(that's him on the cover)

... and lots more. From jumpin' blues like Louis Jordan and swing blues to the real wild honkin' and screamin' of Big Jay!

I got my copy from Amazon, should still be available... click below for the Amazon in your country cause that way you could get it shipped free or for less anyway.

United States Amazon.com
Canada Amazon.ca
UK Amazon.co.uk


Honkers & Bar Walkers vol 1

Some more good stuff here but they don't come in a box set like The Big Horn and you'll find a few of the same artists but it's all different material... like the original version of Night Train by Jimmy Forrest... very cool.

Get it from Amazon in your country:
United states Amazon.com
Canada Amazon.ca
UK Amazon.co.uk


Honkers & Bar Walkers vol 2

This one features a couple King Curtis tracks, one which is previously unreleased.
here's the appropriate links:
United States Amazon.com
Canada Amazon.ca
UK Amazon.co.uk


Honkers & Bar Walkers vol 2

Eddie Chamblee is one of the 9 featured saxophonists on this one with several tunes, some of which were previously unreleased and a few when he was with The Blazers, a well know R&B/ Doo-Wop group from the 50's, although the tunes here are instrumentals featuring Eddie Chamblee.

here's the links:
United States Amazon.com
Canada Amazon.ca
UK Amazon.co.uk



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