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Johnny Ferreira Bio

International touring and recording artist Johnny Ferreira combines style and boundless energy in his performances throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada. Born in Portugal, his family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1963.

Music had a calling for him in late youth when he picked up the accordian at 11 years of age. His infatuation with the saxophone began late in high school when he was 17. “It was the sound that attracted me,” he recalls. “It’s the instrument that closest resembles the human voice.” By 19, he was wailing on the sax. “I was impatient to get a good sound and two years seems like a long time when you’re a kid,” he reflects.

In the early 80's while still in college Johnny was very active in his local Vancouver music scene playing the clubs, casual gigs, and joining The Pointed Sticks who were recording and touring nationally at the time. They came from Vancouver's Punk scene so Johnny was asked by many of the bands to record with them, most notably DOA. "I'd be playing at a Portuguese or Italian wedding one night and the next night doing a show with DOA, I was all over the place in those days".

His music education continued at the University of British Columbia where he pursued a music degree but withdrew a year early as he hooked up with still unknown blues rocker Colin James. “I felt more comfortable on stage than in a classroom”. Ferreira was recruited as an original member of James’ band, featured soloist on stage and in the studio and co-arranging the swingin’ “Little Big Band sessions”.

A whirlwind 11 years passed quickly, touring with some of history’s most profound rock names, including The Rolling Stones, Steve Winwood, Robert Plant, ZZ Top, Keith Richards, Little Feat, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He left Colin in 1998 to pursue his solo career, discovering new fans and excitment fronting his own band, which was in demand constantly

. Touring and recording continues and his 4th CD "Rock & Roll Saxophonist" was release in May 2006. Many of Ferreira’s songs have weaved themselves into Movies and television. His unmistakable sax sound is featured on many other CDs besides his own, many of which have reached gold and platinum status.

He stays rooted to his sax, flirting with many sounds from swing to rock to pop. He continues to write, sing and perform, carving out soulful songs that grab the listener from deep within. Infectious melodies and grooves infuse his sound with emotion and passion.