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Your Sax Radio Station is here!

Hot Sax Trax Radio to be exact.
As usual one thing led to another and while looking for more ways to promote my music I decided an internet radio station was one way to go. I quickly realized that...

More sax players are better than one!

So we're off with a great group of artists that are kinda similar but are all doing their own thing. It's a good start with some of the best rock & roll/R&B sax players around. If you are someone or know of someone who would fit this format please let me know. There is a music submission link on my new saxradio page, go to

One of the first things I took advantage of was to introduce you toThe Cotton Club Singers, a famous vocal group from Budapest, Hungary. My band and I have performed with them several times over the last few years and I have a few songs recorded "live in Budapest" which can only be heard on Hot Sax Trax Radio... unless you're at my house and I played you the CD.

Last month I told you about my European friends B.B. & The Blues Shacks,well they host an awesome music festival in their hometown of Hildesheim, which is near Hannover, Germany in a beautiful venue that was built in the 1920's for big band swing dancing. They produced a live DVD of their whole show last October. Here is a short clip (that's me sittin' in). - link is on Video Page

The DJ's Like It!

… You Johnny CAN PLAY the sax making all my hair (and I have many) stand on it's end. Your sound is raw and powerfull, I like it a lot! I'm sure my listeners will enjoy it as much as I do. Przemek Draheim, Poland Radio SFERA “The Voice of the Blues”

...You are definitely one of a small handful of players out there who are really playing this stuff RIGHT! You keep rockin' and I'll keep spinnin'! ... Dennis Gruenling, New Jersey, USA WFDU "Across The Tracks"

Radio Airplay

Radio airplay list has been growing and I'm proud to say Rock & Roll Saxophonist has made a few top 20 international playlist charts (link to list on my homepage).

JohnnyFerreira.com will link you to most everything talked about here and more.

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!"
... also remember to give a listen to the Hot Sax Trax Radio station and tell a friend... you might like it!

Till next time...

Rock On

Johnny Ferreira

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