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Real Blues Magazine review of Johnny Ferreira's
"King of the Mood Swings"


Real Blues Magazine

While other swing/jump bands in Canada might be getting more ink thanks to a bigger bank roll in the hype dept., Ferreira's is easily the most original and talented crew, plus they have a wry sense of humor/cynicism that doesn't allow them to get too carried away in 1940's nastalgia (no pencil thin mustaches or talking like 1948 "B" movies).

Fronted by Johnny Ferreira on tenor sax and vocals and Linda Rhyne (vocals), The Swing Machine have a hell of a lot of fun and you know if they were in California they'd be major stars on the swing circuit.

As great as the first Swing Machine CD was (Johnny's crew had big hits on the South/North Carolina shag/beach music charts), this disc shows the maturation of Ferreira as a songwriter/arranger and this recording has "hit" written all over it. Major labels should be fighting each other over the rights to this independent release.

"Lost In The Sauce" is Killer! The band is rockin' with solos that are stratospheric and bassist Elmar Spanier must've had to soak his hands afterwards. Johnny's soprano sax solo will have you hitting the replay button. He's gone like a rocket!

For those of you who just know Johnny Ferreira for his sometimes over-blown saxwork on Colin James tours, believe me, you'll be in for a big, big surprise when you hear Johnny Ferreira and the Swing Machine.

Talk about breaking free and breaking out creatively, The Swing Machine CD's show Ferreira to be a major talent with few at his level in Canada, or in North America for that matter.

Some swing bands, well let's be honest, many swing bands are imitators lacking in creative juices of their own and that's where The Swing Machine triumphs.

5 big bottles for the best swing thing on the market. It's time for a seperate swing category at the Junos.
  - Andy Grigg, Real Blues Magazine