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Johnny's Sax Articles
Well, mostly sax articles anyway.


Big Band Swing
The guys who really got it started.

Big Band Swing & the Lindy Hop
The music & the dancers; how it all started.

Edgar Winter
A monster on the sax and much more.

Portuguese fado; Do you know about this soulful music?

King Curtis
King of the rock & roll sax!

Louis Jordan
One of the biggest influences in rock & roll.

Louis Prima
The Wildest!

Saxophone Recording techniques
Various techniques used in recording my sax
on Rock & Roll Saxophonist

The Saxophone - part 1&2
Early history and players who got it going.

The saxophone - part 3
The tenor is king of swing.

The Saxophone - part 4
Fuelling the new music called rock & roll.

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Rockin' & Swingin
Heavy on the sax
Boogie piano rockin' guitar
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