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The Saxophone Ligature


The saxophone ligature is an extremely important part of your set up which is very often overlooked by saxophone students that are just starting out. I know I was guilty of this as a young student of the horn until my very good sax repair man told me about a new sax ligature that had just come out on the market. I think my first reaction was something like " ligature?" does it even make a difference the type of ligature you use?

This was ignorant thinking. After trying the new ligature though, I just couldn't believe the difference it made in my sound not to mention more ease and control in my playing.

There are several types of sax ligatures available for us today, available in several different materials such as leather, metal, brass, gold and silver plated mesh. If you think about the standard type that's made of thin brass or metal, they simply wrap around the reed and mouthpiece clamping the reed in place. This type of ligature just doesn't cut it as far as how the pressure is spread along the reed, making it more responsive.

The standard type "stock" ligatures that normally come with the mouthpiece are the possible worse ones you can get. These are the ones that wrap around the mouthpiece and reed and are tightened by 2 screws. The sooner you get away from these the better off your tone will be.

My highest recommendation would be the ligature I bought over 20 years ago and still use today but unfortunately they are not being made anymore. It's called the Winslow ligature and you may be able to find a used one somewhere or possibly someone is producing a copycat version of these things.

So, the next best one that I know of is the Rovner brand. Unlike the typical standard metal ones these are made with a hi tech polymer material that will let your reed vibrate more freely giving you better and easier control of your sound. They're made with a double-textured polyester fabric to secure the reed gently in place and with more even pressure.


Rovner 1RLEDII Eddie Daniels II Alto Sax Ligature and Cap Set
Rovner ligatures feature a double-textured body with new T-Process polymer impregnation that permits the reed to vibrate more freely than with...
Price: $55.95



Vandoren L07 Optimum Gold Ligature for Alto Sax
L932, gold Precise and rapid tightening with a unique double-track screw mechanism that tightens both sides of the ligature equally. 3...
Price: $54.95


Rovner Alto Sax MKIII Ligature and Cap
he Rovner MkIII Ligature delivers a big, solid, well centered tone of great brilliance, without buzz or "hash."
Price: $21.95

Rovner Alto Sax EVO-5 Ligature and Cap
The Rovner EVO-5 ligature provides precise intonation, unmatched control, ease of playing, and a crisp, clear, full tone. The simple, reversible...
Price: $20.99

Rovner Tenor Sax Eddie Daniels II Ligature and Cap
Rovner ligatures feature a double-textured body with new T-Process polymer impregnation that permits the reed to vibrate more freely than with...
Price: $48.95

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