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The World Of Sax Is About To Get Rocked


Forget the traditional smooth sounding jazz platitudes -- Johnny Ferreira is not your typical bluesman. His just-released new CD Rock & Roll Saxophonist shows he's a man on a mission -- a mission to kick blandness out and reinject some attitude back into the sax life of the world's music scene.

Voted "Saxophonist of the Year" by the West Coast Blues Review in 1998, Ferreira combines Rhythm & Blues with Rock n' Roll and is that rare beast: a writing and performing frontman who believes it's time for his chosen instrument to regain its rightful place in the public perception -- as upfront, cocksure and energetic as any guitar.

And he's not just doing it on the airwaves, Ferreira has also started his own internet radio station, Hot Sax Trax, which is now delivering playlists personally created by Ferreira to music fans across the web.

Mixing in influences ranging from Edgar Winter, to Louis Jordan by way of Buddy Johnson, Ferreira's ability to couple hard-hitting growl with gossamer touch has already propelled him out of the smoky joints of Canada and onto the world stage. "Rock & Roll Saxophonist" -- his fourth album -- is the culmination of a journey that takes the listener into the kind of new territory no sax player since the 50's or 60's has dared occupy.

Born in Portugal, Ferreira's family moved shortly afterwards to Canada in 1963 where he was soon exposed to the innovative sounds of the era. Of the saxophone he recalls: It was the sound that attracted me. Its the instrument that closest resembles the human voice.

His musical education began in earnest with the ground breaking work by saxophonist Dick Parry on legendary Pink Floyd album 'Dark Side of the Moon'. He says, I loved that record. Two of the songs, 'US and Them' and 'Money' had tenor sax on them. That was the first time I can remember really taking notice of the sax sound, I found it more exciting than the vocals.

At 17 years of age he picked up his first saxophone and has never looked back. After paying his dues playing at just about every blues bar, dingy club and wedding in his region, Ferreira eventually got his break with Vancouver punks The Pointed Sticks who toured nationwide.

After a stint with punk rockers DOA he teamed up with Canadian guitarist and singer Colin James while simultaneously touring and recording with some of the biggest names in global music: The Rolling Stones; Robert Plant; ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name but a few.

It had long been obvious however, that Ferreira's talent would never let him be content as a sideman. Described by 'Blues in Britain' magazine as the "future of rock n' roll saxophone" and a "disciple of legendary sax man Jimmy Cavallo", Ferreira's vision for a more self-assured role for his instrument was nearing completion. In 1997 he was named Horn Player of the Year by the Toronto Blues Society and just a year later Ferreira turned solo.

He says, Id really like to play a part in bringing back the popularity of the saxophone in a bigger way, the way it was when rock & roll started in the late 40s when everybody had a sax or two in the band, the way it is today with guitars.


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