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Hi there. The radio station "Hot Sax Trax Radio" is currently only available to VIP members of Live 365.

The Roots Of Rock & Roll Sax

Even though most of the saxophonists featured here are performing and recording today, it's true that they are all very connected and influenced by the sax players from the mid 1900's.

The big bands were starting to wain a bit in the early 40's and people like Louis Jordan and Illinois Jaquet were coming on the scene. From these early 40's to the late 40's is when the rockin' saxophone really came on.

The trumpet had been king in the hot jazz and big band situations but in the 40's the blues started jumping and swingin' and finally rockin'... no band could be without the wild and raunchy sax now.

They say it all started with one solo in 1942 from Illinois Jacquet on a recorded performance while he was with Lionel Hampton's band playing on the tune "Flying Home".

This solo got the other young sax players excited and everyone started to scream and go wild on the horn... that's were it all started.

The Big Tenor Tone - these guys had it:

Red Prysock | Sam "the man" Taylor | Lee Allen
Big Jay McNeely | Joe Houston | King Curtis

These and other original sax rockers occasionally featured on HOT SAX TRAX RADIO


Sax performances on video:

Jr Walker | Long Tall Sally | Sax Gordon | Johnny Ferreira | Edgar Winter

Video below is a preview of the Pete Thomas video Voodoo Chill:

Video below is The Blasters in 1982 featuring a rock & roll saxophone legend Lee Allen on tenor and on bari is Steve Berlin who joined up with another L.A. band Los Lobos.


Featured Saxophonists

Mike Clark from Calgary Alberta Canada. On the radio from Mike are Huggy Drunk & Saxman. For more on The Mike Clark Band go to his website

Greg Piccolo from Rhode Island USA. On the radio from Greg are High Ballin' Daddy & The Hammer. For more on Greg go to his website

Doug James from Rhode Island USA.
For more on Doug go to his website

Sax Gordon Beadle from Boston USA. On the radio from Gord you may hear You Knock Me Out & This Little Town Rocks. For more on Gord go to his website

John Firmin (The Johnny Nocturne Band) from San Francisco USA
For more on John go to his website

Wouter Kiers from Holand leading the band Blood Sweat and Kiers website

Pete Thomas from the UK. For more on Pete check his website

Johnny Ferreira from Vancouver BC Canada. On the radio from Johnny you may hear Wine Women & Song & Swing That Thing. For more go to the website





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